Egypt Awaits Its Elected President

After the end of the 3rd day of presidential elections on Wednesday 2852014, the counting process started in about 14.000 polling stations and 352 district committees all over the country.

NGOs and elections follow up organizations said the ratio of voting ranged between 48-50%. The High Elections Committee is due to announce the name of the president elect maximum on June 5. Some l6,000 judges and members of the public prosecution and judicial bodies had supervised the voting process.

Assistant Interior Minister for public security Major General Sayed Shafiq said coordination between the Armed Forces and police before and during the voting process has created a feeling of security to citizens to exercise their right to select their president freely.

Meantime, the missions of the community of Sahel-Saharan states and COMESA officially announced that presidential elections were held in satisfactory conditions and in line with international standards. They said elections were transparent and fair.

Head of the mission of the community of Sahel Saharan states Al Hussein Malol said in the light of the remarks by the members of the mission, the voting process was held in line with international recognized criteria. He said the mission intends to draw up a report on following up elections and raise it to the secretariat general which includes 28 African states including Egypt.

Source : Egypt State Information Service