Egypt and Middle East Expo Ends On a High Note

A two-week expo for Egypt and Middle East ended on Wednesday on a high note as participants and organizers said that the event had been a success. It had been extended for three days due to popular demand.

The trade fair attracted 60 companies from Egypt and the Middle East, including Pakistan, India, Iran, the United Arab Emirates and China.

Mahmound Ashraf, one of the organizers, said that the exhibitors had a wide variety of goods on sale such as electronic appliances, jewelry, food stuffs, furniture, textiles and handcrafts.

“It was our first time to organize a trade fair for Egypt and Middle East in Rwanda but this exhibition has been a success both in terms of profits and networking with the local business community,” Ashraf said.

He explained that they have been organizing such expos in other African countries such as Mozambique, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Madagascar and Mauritius, and that one of the objectives of doing it in Rwanda was to extend their business network.

Ashraf said that between 5000 and 8000 people visited the expo every day saying that this clearly shows that Rwandans like the prices and the quality of the products.

“We have been impressed by the hospitality and discipline of Rwandans both in the government and among the visitors, and we are looking forward to continue partnering with the Rwandan business community,” he said.

He remarked that Rwanda and Egypt, being both members of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (Comesa), should work together to seize the available business opportunities in the region through events like expos and other business transactions between the two countries for mutual economic benefit.

Mohamed Abbas, an exhibitor from Egypt, expressed satisfaction with his participation. “The bilateral relationship between Egypt and Rwanda is good which has enabled me to sell a lot of my products during the expo and to share business information and skills with Rwandan entrepreneurs.”

He called upon the two governments to organize more such fairs to boost trade between the two countries and with the Middle East countries in general.

Source : Rwanda Focus