Do We Have a Govt? Egypt Air Must Be Brought to Book, Nigerians React

A Nigerian medical student returning to school in Ukraine recently recounted his ordeal at the hands of Egypt Air officials who wrongly flew him to another country, kept him in seclusion for three days without food, tore his passport and deported him back to Nigeria. Saturday Vanguard sought the view of members of the public on what the position of the Nigerian government should be on the issue.


We don’t value lives in Nigeria – Mrs. Stella Okonkwo

People usually fall victim to this kind of thing and nothing is done. That’s the Nigerian system. I know someone who has suffered similar misfortune with a different airline and nothing was done. Do we have a government? As far as I’m concerned, we don’t value lives in Nigeria.

Mrs Stella, Kelly Obele Hassan, Ernest Egweji,Dr Ayo Shonde and Rev Tope Popoola

That airline should be sued – Kelly Obele

Nigerians are usually given the second-class treatment everywhere.

That airline should be sued, if the boy’s parents can’t afford to sue the airline, a non-governmental organisation should take up the matter. We have human rights, so they have to pay for damages for detaining the boy. The aviation minister should take up the issue and put a stop to it. For the officials to disrespect our passport by tearing it, the president should also look into it.

Airline should be grounded – Hassan Abdul

We don’t really have a government, because if we do, the government would have sent a message or grounded the airline and then carry out investigations to find out how it happened. The airline should be brought to book.

Government should make sure he’s compensated – Ernest Egweji

Our government should look into the matter and do something about it. They should make sure the boy is compensated. Cases abound where Nigerians are ill-treated by foreign air officials, this is because our government doesn’t take issue like this serious.

Tearing up his passport is an insult to the nation – Rev. Tope Popoola

This issue is a diplomatic one and should be taken up by the federal government. Any government that is sensitive to its duty to citizens should do that without any pressure. It’s the responsibility of any decent government. The Nigerian Ambassador to Ukraine should be informed, the airline that took him to a different country should be sued. The federal government should take it up and the airline should be held liable.. Tearing up his passport is an insult to the nation, that alone justifies government involvement. You can’t do that to an American.

The government should take it up – Nneka

If he was wrongly transported to another country, then it is the responsibility of the airline to make sure he’s compensated. The government should take it up if he was deported, because it wasn’t his fault at all. It was very wrong of them to tear his passport.

Government and human rights commission should do something about it – Dr. Ayo Shonde

His family should approach and report to the human rights commission. The Nigerian government should take it up in conjunction with the human rights commission. It wasn’t the boy’s fault, it was a case of pure negligence on the part of the airline.

Source : Vanguard