Diplomat – More Egyptians Expected in Current Presidential Vote

More Egyptians are expected to cast their ballots in the current presidential election compared with the previous one, said Egyptian Ambassador in Accra Omar Selim.

Egyptians in Ghana are keen on the stability of the homeland and that’s why they will vote in these polls, the ambassador told MENA by the phone.

The Egyptian Embassy in Accra started receiving earlier in the day voters who will have to choose between Hamdeen Sabahy, represented by the eagle symbol on ballots, and former Minister of Defense Field Marshal Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, represented by the star.

Voters have to present their valid IDs or passports to cast their ballots.

Voting for Egyptian expatriates will run for four days.

High voter turnout is expected at the weekend days of Saturday and Sunday.

Source : Egypt State Information Service