Defense Minister – Egypt Will Defeat Terrorism, Regain Its Pioneering Role

Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense and Military Production Colonel General Sedqi Sobhi said Egypt is fighting a battle to restore its position and major role at the regional and international levels in order to build a better future for the coming generations.

Speaking to the teaching staff and students of Naser Higher Military Academy on Sunday 23112014, General Sobhi said the Egyptian people were fully aware of the big and serious challenges facing the country which necessitated strenuous and sustained work from all parties in order to protect the pillars of national security on all strategic fronts.

He saluted the courage and sacrifices of the Armed Forces and Police who are facing a ferocious war in Sinai and other provinces to defeat terrorists and extremist elements.

Sobhi also reiterated that the Armed Forces and Police are coordinating efforts to firmly stand against anyone who dares to attack the installations and property of the Egyptians.

He also reviewed the recent developments on the home and foreign fronts and their impact on security and stability in Egypt and the Middle East region, noting that vigilance and more training are needed to confront all types of threats and possible aggression.


Source : Egypt State Information Service