Defense Minister Attends Main Stage of Badr 2014 Tactical Maneuver

Minister of Defense and Military Production Colonel General Sedqi Sobhi on Saturday witnessed the main stage of Badr 2014 tactical maneuver which is carried out by the Third Field Army.

Formations from the Armored, Mechanical and Artillery units along with the Air Defense and Air Forces are taking part in the war games with live ammunition. The drill manifested high-quality combat capabilities among the different units.

At the end of the main stage of drills, Sobhi discussed with commanders and officers techniques used in their missions and praised their distinguished performance and their ability to carry out their tasks on the scheduled time and place.

Chief of Staff Lt. General Mahmoud Hegazi, top military commanders, Head of Suez Canal Authority, Suez Governor and president of Suez University attended this stage of the drills.

Source : Egypt State Information Service