Cabinet Confers On Important Files

Meeting under Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab on Wednesday 19112014, the Cabinet discussed on a number of political, economic, security and social files.

The Cabinet also followed up the implementation of national mega projects and the efforts to lure foreign investments.

On the security level, Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim said that most of Egyptian people had not shown any interest in calls to demonstrate on November 28 so far.

“We will firmly face any riot acts,” the minister stressed.

On the other hand, Agriculture Minister Adel el-Beltagy reviewed the agricultural strategic plans of sustainable development.

He noted that the 2030-strategic plan aims at achieving comprehensive development that depends on dynamic agriculture sector to maintain food security.

Also, Mahlab issued an order to draw a map for the short and long term plans.

In the same vein, the Cabinet approved a number of important draft decisions proposed by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

The Cabinet approved a decision on introducing amendments to provisions of “expropriation of property for the public benefit” law.

An agreement stipulating that the US would provide assistance to Cairo, aiming at developing the Egyptian countryside was also approved.

The US assistance is also meant to increase the countryside population’s income and opportunities.


Source : Egypt State Information Service