Azhar Senior Scholar – Participation in Polls ‘Duty’

In response to the call by Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Ahmed al-Tayyeb that Al-Azhar scholars should be at the forefront of the voters to urge the people to actively participate in the presidential elections and confront fatwas against participation, Deputy Imam of Al-Azhar Abbas Shouman has asserted that all Egyptians have a duty to participate in the national commitments and vote in the presidential elections freely.

This is to prove to the whole world that the Egyptians have a free will and are capable of saving their country despite all challenges, he stressed.

Shouman made his remarks after casting his vote at the Cairo Experimental School in el-Tagamu el-Khames. He was accompanied by a delegation of Al-Azhar scholars.

Shouman called on Egyptians not to pay attention to the fatwas against participation in the presidential elections, urging them to protect the nation from wicked attempts to cause chaos and violence.

Source : Egypt State Information Service