AWQAF Minister Stresses Need to Benefit From Morals of Prophet Muhammad

Minister of Awqaf Mohamad Gomaa said Thursday 22052014 despite the turmoil, Egypt would always remain g.

In a speech at the celebration of the al-Isra and al-Miraj journey anniversary, Gomaa urged all Muslims to reflect on the journey and explore the spiritual significance of the prophet’s blessed journey. He stressed need to benefit from lessons of this journey and morals of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Cairo Governor Galal Mustafa and scholars of al-Azhar and Awqaf were also present at the ceremony.

Al-Isra and al-Miraj refers to the miraculous journey, in one night, of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) from his home in Makkah to al-Quds followed by his ascent to heaven.

Source : Egypt State Information Service