Awqaf Minister – Egyptians’ g Will to Change Sets Good Example

Minister of Awqaf Mohammad Mokhtar Gomaa said the Egyptian people have set an example to be followed by the whole world by showing their g will to change their fate.

Gomaa’s remarks were made after he cast his vote in the presidential election in al-Rawdaa Preparatory School in Cairo’s district of Manial.

He said the early participation by al-Azhar scholars in the election gave a swift response to people who issue weird fatwas (religious rulings) that prohibit participation in the elections in a bid to impede the march of the Egyptian people.

He said al-Azhar, the Awqaf Ministry and Darul Iftaa asserted that participation in the balloting is a national duty, especially with Egypt being on the threshold of a new phase that will shape its future.

Source : Egypt State Information Service