​​Tamarod campaign launches website

The Tamarod campaign has launched a website (www.tamarod.com) on which their petition calling for early presidential elections can be found in Arabic, English, French, and German.

The campaign calls for withdrawing confidence from Morsy and planning early presidential elections, with protests on 30 June outside the Ettihadeya Palace followed by an open-ended sit-in until the demands are met.

"Since Mohamed Morsy al-Ayyat came to power…the ordinary citizen feels that he has failed to accomplish any of the goals of the revolution – bread, freedom, social justice, and national independence. He has not achieved security or social justice and has proved incapable of running a large country like Egypt.," its website says.

Tamarod activists are expected to hold a press conference within the next two weeks to announce the number of signatures they have collected. A press source said that the signatures numbered several million.